Friday, September 23, 2011

Pink Crochet for Pink Saturday

Today at a neighborhood tag sale I found this perfect vintage crocheted apron trimmed with a pretty shell pink.

Pink Saturday Apron 001

It needs a good hand wash…

Pink Saturday Apron 002

And a trip to the ironing board to tidy up the ribbons…

Pink Saturday Apron 003

By the time I’m done with it, it will be fit for June Cleaver’s kitchen. Hope your week end is Pink and I hope you find lots of Pink in your corner of the world…You know Beverly has plenty gathered for us to share. Head over to her house to see who’s posting this Pink Saturday.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beautiful Gray Skies on Pink Saturday…It’s RAINING in Central Texas

I’m listening to the most beautiful sound in the world! Rain! With a rumble of Thunder on the horizon…I stood in my kitchen and watched my flower beds fill with wonderful rain and I cried with joy. This rain will help extinguish fires…it will save thousands of trees…the grasses will green up and feed livestock… This is a beautiful gray Pink Saturday. And Central Texas is so Blessed today…Happy Birthday Eve to Nancy at My Crafty Little Page. She is going to get the best birthday gift she could dream of…look at the TV radar… Beverly encourages us to find the Pink in our world. Today my Pink comes in yellow and orange on the TV screen and in the gray of the clouds.

Happy, Happy Gray Pink Saturday!

deer at feeder and rain 012

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pink Saturday… Quiet Sunday

Like most of Americans, we will spend this weekend with a lump in our throat. Our generation joins our parents and grandparents as we recall exact details of where we were when we heard of attacks on our shores…Pearl Harbor was still fresh in the memories of my mother and father until each of them passed away decades later…September 11th  will be the same with each of us. But life goes on and we find ways to heal.

september lilies 003

Last year I posted pictures of my little red lilies. Mother had given me a few bulbs years ago. She called them “Back to School” or “September Lilies” because they start to bloom when school starts in  September.  I was afraid they might not survive the summer 0f 2011 when so many of our lawns are drying up.

september lilies 002

Last year I said they would always remind me of September 11, and they do.  Right now, in spite of a terrible drought and weeks of triple digit heat, those brave, hearty little red lilies are blooming their hearts out.    Our nation is sad this weekend, but we are brave and hearty and we can still find beauty. God bless our nation and the men and women who defend her. God bless us as we remember our  loss. Pray for Peace. Find and celebrate beauty. Beverly has taught us well. Have a Pink Week. Enjoy your visits at How Sweet the Sound and with the Pink Saturday community.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pink Saturday…We may need an intervention…

I’m off to Wimberley this Saturday…it’s Market Day, but before I head out, I’m putting out a PINK WARNING…just in case one of your friends invites you to join her on Pinterest…it sounds so innocent on the surface…share ideas with friends…get recipes…decorating hints… For example, I looked for “Pink” and look what I found…unfortunately, I have to admit that I stole this picture…

pink balloons in paris

I say stole, because I didn’t Repin  it giving credit for where I found it…very bad Pining manners, but I don’t have all the fine points of copy etiquette down yet.

Well, my point is this,  if you thought Facebook and its web of games was a cyber black hole where your time somehow mysteriously disappeared, be forewarned…”Pin it” sounds like a good idea…so you pin a recipe for pulled pork, but then instead of heading to your favorite cookbook  for your favorite coleslaw recipe, you start searching the web…you don’t need to write down ingredients, you simply pin it and then take your laptop into the kitchen to follow the steps while you cook…and your friends are notified of your pins so everyone knows what you’re having for supper…it’s kinda cool and kinda creepy. The possibilities are endless…Here’s the link,  but be warned…it could be a double edged blade… good because it saves time by putting everything at your fingertips…dangerous because everything is at your fingertips and there’s so much lovely Pink out there…have a Pink Week.

Stop in to say “Howdy” to our lovely hostess Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound and enjoy the week.

Limping Deer and the Twins

Limping Deer and the Twins
They are still spotted at this time.

Show and Tell Sunday June 15

Flea Market Finds...sounds like my whole house and yard...

Milk Glass Collection

Milk Glass Collection
Who knew that a 25 cent flea market find would unleash such a collecting frenzy? I never pay more than a dollar unless it's a really nice piece. They are great grouped with a single daisy in each.

These used to be inexpensive florist vases in the 50's and 60's. Everyone's Grandmother had bunches.

Mexicana Dishes

Mexicana Dishes
My sister found these for me at Bussy's Flea Market in San Antonio, Texas. I had seen pictures in her Fiesta reference book. Mexicana was also made by Homer Laughlin in the 30's. I had been looking for several years without ever finding even a single piece when she found the set...with a promise to hold it for us, she came running to find me and I bought the entire set...60+ pieces for $50.


I've added to the set over the years, but the price and experience will never match that first amazing find.

Vintage Kitchen Hutch

Vintage Kitchen Hutch
When my hubby found this hutch it was Pepto pink and I was not 100% sure about it. But with a new red back and fresh white paint and refurbished hardware, it became one of my favorite pieces.

Nancy made me save the vine

Nancy made me save the vine
The vine and flowers painted on the inside were in such bad shape that I was ready to remove it all. Nancy -My Crafty Little Page convinced me to keep it and after some touch-up work, I'm glad I listened to her. My husband restores vintage Cushman motorscooters and he tries to make everything "mint" condition again. The Shabby Chic movement came along just in time to keep me from making some terrible mistakes.