Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowgirls…

Paper Cowgirls, that is…They’ll take off and head to Waxahachie, Texas for a Texas-size celebration leaving a trail of glitter and paper scraps  from every corner of Texas and Louisiana. The occasion was the Paper Cowgirl Altered Art Retreat which brings together a variety of  very talented and versatile teachers along with an equally varied group of artists.

One of the high points of the event is the Swapping! You heard me, Swapping! We gathered and created and swapped anything you can name! No, not our dearly beloved hubbies…they were left at home to keep the plants watered.  We swapped crowns, packets of ephemera, specially-created charms, embellished dominos,  inspiration collections, art trading cards, and a fabulous fat fabric book. Everything had a Texas theme or a vintage paper connection! We all came home with more treasures than you can imagine.

I gathered 15 packets of vintage paper for the paper Treasure Swap…those packets were traded for 15 different collections…Lots of “ooohing” and “aaahing”as we opened our packages.  They were filled with

paper cowgirl 2009 004

Postcards and

paper cowgirl 2009 002

Greeting cards and

paper cowgirl 2009 003

Packets of treasures.

I added some Republic of Texas cash to spend in the shops on Vendor’s Night…

paper cowgirl 2009 009

Of course, I included a picture of myself dressed in my first rodeo outfit…I’ve aged a bit since then…the years have been good to me…but it’s the weekends that have done me in.

paper cowgirl 2009 006

We also created Miss Texas crowns to present to our partners…I made a Cowgirl Tea Party crown for Miss Nancy.  It featured a group of ladies ready to rope and ride along with a sweet little tea set to remind us that every dusty trail deserves a cup of tea.

paper cowgirl 2009 012

paper cowgirl 2009 014

Paper Cowgirl June 2009 089

Here we are sporting our crowns: Queen LaVerne, Cowgirl Tea Queen Nancy, and Princess Suzi Buttons.

Paper Cowgirl June 2009 080

Marie’s creation for Gail included a presentation pillow!

 Paper Cowgirl June 2009 082

Valita’s crown included a matching scepter!!!

Paper Cowgirl June 2009 085 

Organizer Joanna received a fabulous crown

Paper Cowgirl June 2009 072

The entire group felt like Texas royalty!

Paper Cowgirl June 2009 088

And that was just two of the swaps!!!No telling what next year will be like! Tomorrow I’ll share a few class shots…Until then, remember, “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowgirls…

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pink Saturday

Last week I shared a couple of pictures of Gianna’s nursery…well, today I’m sharing GIANNA…who will be a little princess in her pink kingdom.

Gianna home 6-21-09  hungry deer ivy 008

She is sound asleep oblivious to the whirl of activity celebrating her homecoming. Her nursery is just off Mom and Dad’s room…come on in to a wonderland of girlyness…

Gianna home 6-21-09  hungry deer ivy 013 Gianna home 6-21-09  hungry deer ivy 012 Gianna home 6-21-09  hungry deer ivy 010

She already has a closet full of pretty outfits just waiting for her to grow into…Look how organized she is…everything by size!!! Isn’t she clever?

Gianna home 6-21-09  hungry deer ivy 016 Gianna home 6-21-09  hungry deer ivy 015

And most important for any young royalty,  an adoring Queen-Mother…

Gianna home 6-21-09  hungry deer ivy 017

Aren’t they beautiful?

Happy Pink Saturday to all. Thanks for stopping by to share the joy and thanks to Beverly for hosting the group. Visit Beverly to say “Hi” and have a lovely week full of pink from start to finish.  LaVerne

Friday, June 19, 2009

Room fit for a Princess

My goddaughter, Najla Mery, is welcoming her first daughter in royal style…Little Gianna will join Mom, Dad, and big brother Blake  when she comes home from the hospital today…Pink Saturday!!! June 20 which is also Grandma/Sito’s birthday!  And a pink day it will be…take a look at the nursery…

Friday, June 12, 2009

The one that didn’t get away…

Now what am I going to do with it?

Last Saturday I set out on a quest for a little doll chest of drawers that I had seen last May…it was still in the shop and so it came home with me…at a great sale price, no less.

pink doll chest deer in backyard 004

It was missing the knob on the top drawer so some inventive soul glued a tiny china tea cup in its place.

 pink doll chest deer in backyard 005

The top has been painted with pink roses and I’m thinking about what I’ll store in its three little drawers. Any suggestions?

pink doll chest deer in backyard 007

Have a great Pink Saturday…stop in to visit Beverly and the other blog hostesses…Have a very pink week. LaVerne

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pink Saturday’s Gonna Be Red Hot

Today, while you’re enjoying the air conditioning,  I’ll be at Wimberley Trade Day in what is predicted to be 100 degree heat…Don’t worry, I’ll have a big Igloo of Iced Tea and Travis has a lovely location  for his booth (375) with both shade and an occasional  breeze.

One neighbor always has lots of pink…Wimberley april 09 010 

In May, she had this lovely lady. Can you guess, or did you already know, she’s a napkin holder…folded napkins are tucked into the slits making her skirt into a full bouffant. I couldn’t picture it, but almost bought it for the novelty…if she is still there today, she just might come home with me. Another tempting item was this little pink chest. 

Wimberley april 09 006

I was so engrossed with the items in the foreground that I didn’t even notice it until I was looking at the pictures later…do you ever do that?  Well, if it’s still there, that would be a sign…I know you do that! Everyone I know justifies purchases using that exact “logic”…If it’s there when I come back, it’s meant to be…if it’s gone, it becomes the “one that got away” and we start searching for one like it…whatever it was…it doesn’t  matter…it could have been a perfect shell in the natural history museum shop or a watercolor we really couldn’t afford, or a pair of bedroom slippers…once we’ve seen it and “lost” it, it becomes the most beautiful _____ whatever it was , you fill in the blank…

So I’m off to Wimberley while you enjoy Pink Saturday with Beverly as she begins moving into her second season.  If you’re in the neighborhood, drop by for an iced tea…we’re in Booth 375…I’ll be wearing PINK . LaVerne

Musical Chairs seems to be working…

After a week of creating the nightly Chair Defense, things are finally getting a chance to bloom…

June 2009 succulent garden and pinks 001

but that means putting the chairs in place well before dusk, and not daring to run out for a quick early supper at our favorite Tex-Mex spot without securing the premises…once the chairs are in place, we can relax and enjoy a Margarita… it’s worth it…when we get home,   I can count pretty blooms instead of chomped off stems.

June 2009 succulent garden and pinks 002

The rest of the gardens are being “protected” by fencing…the little culprits still munch on the rose buds that stick through the wire and the more daring, probably the young bucks, stretch their necks over the fencing to nibble…but that’s next week’s battle.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It may not be pretty, but it works…

My cute little succulent garden was taking a nightly hit from the deer…

May 2009 Paper cowgirl pages succulent garden 001 

they love the flower buds on the yellow  blooming plants…they eat them like peanuts… not the zinnias…those they leave alone. But everything else was deer salad…until I resorted to the Chair Defense.

May 2009 Paper cowgirl pages succulent garden 015

It’s not pretty, but every morning and evening, I have a mission to protect and then restore the garden…in just the three days I’ve been doing this, there are already dozens of yellow buds and flowers.

May 2009 Paper cowgirl pages succulent garden 013

Saint Francis approves the strategy…I’m not left with some ugly fence and he doesn’t have to smell the stinky “Liquid Fence” which doesn’t work anyway.

May 2009 Paper cowgirl pages succulent garden 014

Next week I take another picture when everything is happily blooming. It’s a gardening miracle! Amen

Limping Deer and the Twins

Limping Deer and the Twins
They are still spotted at this time.

Show and Tell Sunday June 15

Flea Market Finds...sounds like my whole house and yard...

Milk Glass Collection

Milk Glass Collection
Who knew that a 25 cent flea market find would unleash such a collecting frenzy? I never pay more than a dollar unless it's a really nice piece. They are great grouped with a single daisy in each.

These used to be inexpensive florist vases in the 50's and 60's. Everyone's Grandmother had bunches.

Mexicana Dishes

Mexicana Dishes
My sister found these for me at Bussy's Flea Market in San Antonio, Texas. I had seen pictures in her Fiesta reference book. Mexicana was also made by Homer Laughlin in the 30's. I had been looking for several years without ever finding even a single piece when she found the set...with a promise to hold it for us, she came running to find me and I bought the entire set...60+ pieces for $50.


I've added to the set over the years, but the price and experience will never match that first amazing find.

Vintage Kitchen Hutch

Vintage Kitchen Hutch
When my hubby found this hutch it was Pepto pink and I was not 100% sure about it. But with a new red back and fresh white paint and refurbished hardware, it became one of my favorite pieces.

Nancy made me save the vine

Nancy made me save the vine
The vine and flowers painted on the inside were in such bad shape that I was ready to remove it all. Nancy -My Crafty Little Page convinced me to keep it and after some touch-up work, I'm glad I listened to her. My husband restores vintage Cushman motorscooters and he tries to make everything "mint" condition again. The Shabby Chic movement came along just in time to keep me from making some terrible mistakes.