Friday, July 15, 2011

Pink Saturday with Coins in My Pocket and a Smile on My Face

I’ve always kept a bright Pink Piggy Bank in the laundry room for spare change left in pockets…well, when my boys left home, the poor piggy started going hungry so I  started saving all my dimes (my favorite coin since childhood…doesn’t every one have a favorite coin?)…Well, all those dimes over the last few years have started adding up and Miss Piggy had really put on the weight…I decided to empty her and see what my ten cent stash would yield…

pink piggy bank 1 (1)

I filled my When Pigs Fly Tervis Tumbler with, what else?, Pink lemonade and started counting…

pink piggy bank 1 (2)

I used my new digital coin counter that was a door prize at our  family reunion…I was the butt of several jokes first, because I picked that to be my prize and then my family was afraid I would not be able to find it since it is camouflage… what I put up with…well, who’s laughing now?..that’s right One hundred and Eighty Dollars and still going!pink piggy bank 1 (3)

I dumped out more coins and kept counting…

pink piggy bank 1 (4)

Miss Piggy is feeling better already…look at that smile!!! Now imagine my smile…

pink piggy bank 1 (6)

That’s right, Two Hundred Dollars…and still counting!!! and still smiling!!!

pink piggy bank 1 (8)

The grand total was Two Hundred and Fifty-Two Dollars!!! I’ll take it to the bank and convert my little nest egg to less cumbersome cash.

  Then I think I’ll buy something for the lawn…something Pink, of course, something like another Pink Crepe Myrtle garden… I can certainly afford three or four good sized plants with my “free money”.

pink crepe myrtle

But no planting today…it’s summer in Central Texas…too hot for such nonsense… Think I’ll stay indoors with a lemonade and  start making the rounds of Pink treats assembled by our host, sweet Beverly at How Sweet the Sound 

Thanks for

stopping by…Have a Pink week.


DearHelenHartman said...

That is one fat little piggie ready to go to market with all those coins! Happy Pink Saturday. I'm enjoying your blog.

LV said...

I tend to save coins as well. I put most of it in a honey jar for my great grandson. However, since the state quarters came out, I have saved them. There is no telling how much I have. I feel it is a means of saving and not miss it.

Pat said...

Are you kidding - over $200 in that piggy bank?!? I'd love to know what you do with your good fortune.

My Crafty Little Page said...

Dang, LaVerne - that's a whole lotta moolah! Trees for your yard? Why don't you do something more a yaya party?! xoxo Nancy

Dixie said...

Hey LaVerne... You're in NB! You're sooooo close! You're going to have to come with me and Candy (of RockCandy blog fame) and do a junkin trip! We usually meet in Geronimo and go from there... (I actually live in St. Hedwig aka French Lique)...

Love that piggy stash! I have to admit that I prefer to find that $20 my hubby occasionally leaves in his pockets... but change is good too!

I don't remember the name of the street..but it runs east/west off 123 business... I'll email you the street name next week sometime... I need to get the name of the antique shoppe too... I just call it... "antiques"... LOL

Claudia said...

Whoa! it pays to save change, doesn't it! The pink piggy bank really paid off. Happy PS!

Anonymous said...

You're a girl after my own heart!!! I have little coin stashes all over this house....and I love it when I fill an old coffee container with them and haul the loot to the bank for some paper money!

Last summer, I pulled together my coin savings (from over a few years) and had enough to pay for my new iMac computer. Now I'm saving for a Dyson! :) If you decide you don't want to buy those can put your cash in my Dyson Fund! Ha ha! :)

I love Tervis Tumblers....and haven't seen the one you have.....I LOVE it.....and I LOVE that coin counter, too!!! Lucky Girl!

Hope you had a great Pink Sat......the Charlie Brown BD Party was fun...full of noisy Rug Rats and relatives! The Birthday Boy was so cute...they're all cute at 2, arent' they?

Have a great week!!! L, Dana

Nancy said...

Wow and WOW!!! That is a great stash. I think I will start saving dimes. They really seem to add up in such a small space.

Hope y'all are cooling off. HPS and have a great week!

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