Friday, January 3, 2014

Ready for a New Year…Welcome 2014

Well, the Elf on the Shelf group has been packed up and put away for another year…


The lighted Dickens Village is off the counter…


and back in the boxes…  Christmas 2013 is over, done, finished. But after all those colors and lights and all that shimmer, I have a hard time letting it all go. I could wait for take down until Epiphany like my mother used to do. But that’s just putting off the inevitable for a week. the house will seem so bland and plain. I could jump the gun and put out Vallentine’s Day and my card collection, but I’ve come up with an interim  holiday that suits my purposes…Chinese New Year!!!. It’s celebrated on January 31 this year so that will be perfect…IMG_0405

The vintage ornament tree in the dining room is transformed…I got a dozen of these cute silk little Oriental monks from my sister-in-law many years ago. They go on first.


I add some sparkle grass and


a few estate sale finds…


And some dragons from Chinatown in Vancouver…


And cute little shoes…


And an ornament or two from Kohl’s



They may not have a story, but they were probably made in China. Now I won’t go into total sparkle withdrawal and I’ll only have the one little tree to put away at the end of the month.


Then on  January 31st when we usher in the Year of the Horse…more specifically, The Year of the Green Horse, I’ll probably be way tired of trying to remember to turn it off every time I leave the house.

I’ve been away from Pink Saturday for a bit and this is my first post trying to use phone pictures…not too keen on the format…even with the improved camera, they just don’t have the same qualities as a real camera.

It’s time for me to visit Beverly and the ladies of Pink Saturday to see who is posting pretty seasonal things. Hope Beverly is warm and toasty this weekend.


dana said...

Yes, it's so hard to put the Christmas away (mine is all still up!!!), but I will have to face it soon and you are so right, every thing looks so plan and empty without the Christmas sparkle!! I LOVE your Chinese New Year idea and the great tree you created with the collection of ornies.....and even the ones purchased at Kohls that were made in China (I giggled out loud over that !!) are awesome!!

One year, right after Christmas, my then 6 mo old gr. boy was very sick and we were keeping our little then 3 1/2 yr. old gr. girl.....and we got to keep her several days cuz we had a big snow storm. keep her busy during that time we crafted A LOT and one of the things we focused on were Valentines. She had so much fun, as did I. We even made Valentines to decorate the Christmas Tree I use for my Dancing Santas has red LED lights on it. Anyway, I need to keep that in mind as I put away my decor this keep the red tree out and to Valentine it up again!! Maybe I need to have the wee ones over for a Valentine making party....once I recover from Christmas!

Hope all is well with you.....I have the Dickens Village pieces, too, and haven't gotten them out in a long time....gotta make that happen next year!

Happy 2014....glad you're back on PS....missed YOU!!!

L, Dana

Marie Arden said...

Love your Asian ornaments so unique. Do you ever look at Chinoiserie Chic blog she has lovely Asian inspired holiday things and home.
Happy New Year

Marti McClure said...

Love the idea of Chinese New Year! Happy, happy 2014 and Pink Saturday too! Xo, Marti

Beverly said...

Ooh, LaVerne. It made my day to find you here. Pink Saturday and I have both missed you.♥

I was kind of sad to put my Christmas away, but my husband was ready - and he is a tremendous help. I can't let that opportunity pass me by.

I love your little Chinese New Year tree. You have got so many wonderful ornaments for the occasion.

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy New Year.♥♥♥

My Crafty Little Page said...

Wow I love your Chinese stuff. Something clicked a couple of years ago in my brain that has never cared for Chinese decor. I really started liking it! Great idea to decorate for it. My Christmas stuff is down and in boxes everywhere. Kitchen stuff is put away in the high cupboards. I have a whole table of things I'm going to sell or give to SA. My Nan's cornhusk dolls from 1990. They're no longer made and are selling on ebay. Also the big pieces of Fitz and Floyd things that haven't been out in years. I have to start thinning the Christmas stuff. Was glad to see your blog updated and I think your pictures are good. xo Nancy

Jeannie Marie said...

What a wonderfully interesting tree you have! The oriental pieces are so beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday!

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

LaVerne - Great idea to extend the holiday season. Happy New Year and best wishes for the upcoming Chinese New Year!


Terry said...

Hi, Laverne!

I love the shoe ornaments! How cute!
Did you make them?

Happy Pink Saturday!

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