Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday…Meet “Stumpy” our Little Miracle Deer

This week again I want to share Pink Attitude story…a story about a little doe who has the most amazing Pink Spirit…It’s corny, so be warned…Every afternoon hubby and I put out a little extra feed for our deer friends. It’s not much…some shelled corn, leftover tortilla chips the day after Mexican food night,  half a loaf of bread, apples, just a little extra food and a few more calories to help them out during dry times. But we love to watch  several of them eat the bread. …we call them “the Bread Eaters”. They prefer white bread over whole wheat…wouldn’t you think the reverse would be true?


But the bland white bread seems to be agreeing with them…just look at that beautiful coat. Most of them are pretty healthy.

Today I want to share a remarkable deer survival story. Two years ago one of our fawns broke her leg right at the hoof. I saw her running along the river bed with that broken hoof flopping like a stretched out sock…it was horrible and for the next few days Hubby and I fretted over her fate…we were certain she would suffer a slow wasting death…we could hardly talk about it… then one day she showed up at the feeder dragging her little foot hobbling around on  the remaining broken bone of her rear leg…she ate corn and was getting around pretty well…eventually she lost the hoof and the bone healed over…well,  it became our mission to make sure she got a pile of corn all to herself every day and a slice of bread when she wanted one…we never thought she would make it through that winter. We kept track of the days we saw her…we counted up days she went missing…we cursed every circling vulture in the sky…but then, like a miracle, she would show up…she can run with the best of them and it’s only when she is walking slowly that you notice the obvious limp. We started calling her Stumpy.

  If she were a real wildlife deer out in the countryside, she would never have survived, but here in town on the river with water close by and neighborhoods with lots of shrubs and kind people putting out extra grub, she made it through her yearling stage…she had a good summer last year, again made it through the winter and this spring?…you guessed it…she was obviously pregnant. The worry and fretting started all over again…how could she feed a fawn?…what dangers were waiting for the offspring of such a handicapped mother? We have yet to see her with a fawn that we can be sure belongs to her…Hubby saw her at the feeder with a pair of young today,  we don’t know if she has twins, or if she was on babysitting detail…and  maybe only one was hers…We have become more calm about her fate. What Stumpy reminds me is that I need to have faith that all is well and while Nature can be cruel, animals have courage and an amazing willpower to survive.  I told you it was corny, but we love that little deer for her will to survive.

To me Pink Saturday is about looking for and finding the beauty and the joy around us every day. Stumpy is that for me.  Look at her picture…yes, she’s deformed…but she’s also incredibly strong of spirit…Pure Pinkatude.


Next week I promise real pink…and now to Beverly’s house… our Pure Pink Hostess for a list of happy Pink Saturday posts.


~Shabby~Prim~Delights~ said...

what a wonderful story. It must be amazing that the beautiful creatures come and eat from your yard. I too would feed them...I am a sucker for any animal.

Tami said...

Oh my goodness that is the sweetest story of the day! What a pure spirit that beautiful animal has...and how kind you and your husband are to watch over her. You are so blessed to have them come and visit..and I would be the first in line with a slice of bread too! Giant hugs...xo Tami

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Laverne,

I so enjoyed your tale of the deer that live among you and your neighbors. We took care of a stray baby deer that swam out of one of the lakes on our property. We had 40 acres so no neighbors anywhere...we took it in and raised it on fresh goat's milk. We had a dairy goat herd that we milked twice a day. The deer grew into a healthy thriving was a joy to have the opportunity to save him...many told us we should have left him alone and let nature take its course....everyone that told us that lived in town...I really think you have to be exposed to wildlife to truly start understanding how nature works and when and when not to intervene.

Have a lovely day filled with lots of PiNk Sparkles!

Stephanie ♥

Look in the Nook said...

You sound like me. I do the same thing, feed the deer what ever they will eat.And yes I too have discovered that they like white bread instead of wheat, weird.I buy several of the .99 cent loaves at a time.I also found they love banana peels. Anyway thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a great story, LaVerne. The deer in your area are lucky that they do have sweet folks like you all to help them out with extra food. Sadly there is a huge overpopulation of deer in our area....even around the airport here....and a local park and lots and lots of deer/car wrecks in the fall. My daughter's car suffered from a deer jumping out in front of her a very populated part of our city. I feel sorry for them hanging around areas that are not necessarily safe for them....but also know they do it to hunt for food.

They are truly beautiful creatures.....and I know I'd be just like you guys...worrying over their welfare.

Happy belated PSat. on this post. dana

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