Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mothers and Sisters

Posted by MyCraftyLittlePage
LaVerne has been taking care of her mother who, sadly, passed away this morning. I know all of us in this blog community send prayers and healing her way.

This is for you and Linda, LaVerne.

"I'll wait no more for you like a daughter,
That part of our life together is over
But I will wait for you, forever
Like a river.." Carly Simon

Hold tight to each other and know that your other yaya sisters are right beside you also. We love you.


Beverly said...

I will be holding you and your family close in my heart and my prayers. God chose a very special time of year to bring your mother to live with Him.

God's blessings, dear LaVerne.♥

Lisa Phillippi said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My deepest sympathies and prayers for you and your family. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

LaVerne, I was so sorry to hear of the passing of your mom. I know she so appreciated having you help care for her. Please know my thoughts and prayers have been with you. There's no replacing our moms. Mine has been gone 7 1/2 years. I still miss her so much and think of her daily.

L, Dana

Limping Deer and the Twins

Limping Deer and the Twins
They are still spotted at this time.

Show and Tell Sunday June 15

Flea Market Finds...sounds like my whole house and yard...

Milk Glass Collection

Milk Glass Collection
Who knew that a 25 cent flea market find would unleash such a collecting frenzy? I never pay more than a dollar unless it's a really nice piece. They are great grouped with a single daisy in each.

These used to be inexpensive florist vases in the 50's and 60's. Everyone's Grandmother had bunches.

Mexicana Dishes

Mexicana Dishes
My sister found these for me at Bussy's Flea Market in San Antonio, Texas. I had seen pictures in her Fiesta reference book. Mexicana was also made by Homer Laughlin in the 30's. I had been looking for several years without ever finding even a single piece when she found the set...with a promise to hold it for us, she came running to find me and I bought the entire set...60+ pieces for $50.


I've added to the set over the years, but the price and experience will never match that first amazing find.

Vintage Kitchen Hutch

Vintage Kitchen Hutch
When my hubby found this hutch it was Pepto pink and I was not 100% sure about it. But with a new red back and fresh white paint and refurbished hardware, it became one of my favorite pieces.

Nancy made me save the vine

Nancy made me save the vine
The vine and flowers painted on the inside were in such bad shape that I was ready to remove it all. Nancy -My Crafty Little Page convinced me to keep it and after some touch-up work, I'm glad I listened to her. My husband restores vintage Cushman motorscooters and he tries to make everything "mint" condition again. The Shabby Chic movement came along just in time to keep me from making some terrible mistakes.