Friday, January 21, 2011

Pink Saturday Spring Cleaning “Start Slow and Taper Off”

Pink Saturday and sunshine in Central Texas!!! Yea! It’s been such a cold winter with lots of time for staying indoors drinking hot tea and working on crafts projects. One evening I needed a sewing needle so I pulled out my vintage Pink sewing basket.


Isn’t it cute? look at the detail on the top.


But not so cute inside…I had dropped it one day and it had turned over spilling everything.


What a mess! Trying to find a needle was like looking in the proverbial haystack.  So I set about restoring order. It may be only a token attempt to start Spring Cleaning, but it’s not exactly spring yet. So I decided to take Susan Branch’s advice about housework, you know, “Start slow and taper off.”    First I had to wade through dozens of spare buttons. You know the ones that are attached to new clothes when you cut the tags off.


All those buttons are now organized in the spare button box.

Look underneath that pile of buttons.  Do you see the cross stitched tablecloth ? Hubby’s grandmother made it…I have a similar version in shades of blue made by my own grandmother. I’ll bet those ladies kept their sewing boxes in better order.

Then I found a couple of little mesh bags to hold all those odds and ends. And all those loose pins and needles are safely resting in the pincushion. No more searching the haystack.


Since I have officially started Spring cleaning, I think the weatherman should join the effort be sending some spring days. I love my little Pink Sewing basket, excuse me, my tidy little pink sewing basket.


My resolution for 2011 is to live a more purposeful life. I have been doing pretty well…not 100% on every front, but so far, I have met my goal of a weekly trip to leave items in the Hospice Thrift Store (without going inside to browse). My closets are starting to look more organized and less crowded already. The bookcases will be next. And the attic. And the garage…

I have written in my new journal every night and I am enjoying the day’s reflections…nothing profound to be sure, but affirming never the less.

The walking goals are on hold because of the cold,  but as I said, start slow… Enjoy your Pink Saturday and stop in to say “Hi” to our hostess Beverly who has organized a lovely way to spend a Saturday 

Beverly’s Featured Blogger this week is my very good friend Nancy

She is the one who got me started with Etsy and it was she who introduced me to the world of blogging. Nancy is amazingly creative and her blog is always just what the doctor ordered. If you don’t already know her, drop in and enjoy. Every post is a treat.

Have a Pink Week.


luluslovlies said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Sorry you tipped over yur sewing box, ii was a good way to get it cleaned out, I have the same basket and that has happened to me too. I just love the basket, I saw it in blue once and was sorry I didn't get it also. I have had mine for about 39 years or so. Hug and Blessing to you, Marilou

Marydon said...

G'morn Laverne ~ This box looks exactly like one Mother had. I love it.

Have a happy PS weekend ~

Donnie said...

What a lovely vintage sewing basket. Looks nice and tidy now. Happy Pink Saturday.

My Crafty Little Page said...

Oh thank you Dear LaVerne!!! Come organize my sewing basket and then we can work on our needlework. My sewing basket is a giant mess and so is my house. Today started out okay and went downhill from there and I'm having computer problems every time I get on here. Good luck with your year. of organization xo N

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that pink sewing basket!!! I think the saying of "Start slow and taper off" fits me perfectly!! Everything around me is a mess right now. When the craziness of Christmas ended, so did my energy levels! :) I've got to get with it and clean out closets and drawers and sewing baskets, too!

I also am crazy about your pal Nancy! I sure wish I lived closer to you two, cuz I think we could have a whole bunch of fun!

Have a great PS weekend...and a wonderful week! L, Dana

PS I would love to ship you a little snow storm so you could wake up to a snow covered street and yard!!!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, LaVerne.

I am in love with your pink sewing box. What a treasure! My sewing box is pink, too, but it is not the wonderful vintage beauty you have.

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