Friday, August 6, 2010

Pink Saturday celebrations…Summer Family Reunions

My mother’s family, the Bielkes, have been celebrating summer with an annual family reunion for close to 80 years…that’s a lot of gatherings…tons of German potato salad…and 9-pin bowling…and, of course, Bingo…Here’s my mother with her pink-clad great-granddaughter Ava at last year’s reunion. Isn’t this a great picture?

family reunion 2009 008  Mother’s getting ready to celebrate her 88th birthday in November so she has attended lots of these reunions and played many, many games of Bingo. Today I want to share some seriously vintage Bingo cards …

family reunion 2009 010

They’ve been used for years…in fact, the Zuel Lodge 163 is so distant a memory that only the really old old-timers can remember it…the cards remind me of our old travel Bingo with the sliding windows…

family reunion 2009 006

Aren’t they cool? Mother can’t get in the kitchen to organize the side dishes and the serving lines the way she used to, but she still plays a mean game of Bingo…

family reunion 2009 002

Hope your Saturday and your summer are filled with Pink and that you have had some time for family visits along the way.

Beverly’s gathered lots of Pink for you to share, so head over to her house at How Sweet the Sound to see who is posting today.



Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday!! Your mom is a beauty!! How fortunate you are to still have her in your life!! My mom would have been 84 this Oct.....she's been gone nearly 7 years.

I used to belong to a BINGO group that used those slide cards....they were over 30 years old at that time! I was a Newbie in the group and the Oldies had their very own cards that NOBODY touched!! The cards that group used all had a number on the front....and those gals knew THEIR number...and you'd better not get it!! :)

That's awesome that your mom's family holds a family reunion!! We held a reunion at our house for my husband's local family about 5 years ago. Everyone loved it, but no one else volunteered to host one.....or even organize one at a park since. It was fun....but too much for our house...too many little rug rats! :)

Hope you have a great P. Sat...L, Dana

Marydon said...

G'day LaVerne ~ What a lovely write ... & Mother looks so beautiful. You obviously had a wonderful time.

Putting our family together in one room would be WW4 for sure, WW3 took care of that desire ever again.

Have a lovely PINK weekend.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday LaVerne Sweetie...
What a beautiful share today. I so love the photo of your sweet Moma with the great grand Ava. How beautiful that is. Did you get one with you and the Moma or Daddy of Ava that would make the 4 generations?

My family all lives in Oklahoma mostly and we live out here in Arizona, so I only get home once a year. We used to have reunions and get togethers every Christmas when my grandparents were alive. Sadly all that stopped when they passed, and everyone has sort of gone their own ways. Sad when that happens.

I love Bingo. I remember cards like that years ago. In fact we had a set of car bingo cards that you took when you traveled, and the window slid over the picture of the car that you saw passing by. It was so much fun. Now kids have to be amused with DVD players and game held players.

Beautiful share sweetie. I have so enjoyed my visit today. Thank you for sharing with me.

Have a gorgeous day sweet friend. Happy Pink Saturday. Many hugs, Sherry

Rebecca said...

I wanna play bingo-looks like a fun day! Happy PS!

LV said...

I dearly loved this post. Your mom is a great looking lady. I also enjoy playing bingo with other seniors. Have made so many nice friends. I remember using those type cards years ago. Most of the halls around here use computers. It really takes a lot of the fun out of playing, but I enjoy being with other people.Your mom is the best looking 88 I have seen in awhile. I will soon be 81.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thank you for letting me know about the movies..I have been googling to search for discounts....I did see a sign that said flocked something !
Happy Pink Saturday!
My Mom loved Bingo!

Suzie Button said...

Hi Laverne, Your Mom looks like the sweetest! I love that there's a family reunion every year, it's so wonderful! Love the vintage bingo cards too! Happy Pink Saturday! Suzie

My Crafty Little Page said...

Wonderful pictures of your mom and the family. Can't believe you've never made off with some of those cards tucked away in your purse. But then knowing those old Germans they would know and there would be "serious consequenses!" xoxo Nancy

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Limping Deer and the Twins
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Milk Glass Collection
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