Friday, June 11, 2010

Pink Saturday A Gift From the Flood

Well, we in central Texas, and especially those of us here in New Braunfels got a jolting wake-up call Wednesday morning as a terrific thunderstorm parked right over us for several hours…some areas of the county got more than 12 inches of rain!!! And all that water has to go somewhere…within hours the Guadalupe River was way out of its banks with predictions of a 25’ crest!!!

We love living on the river and in spite of a couple of serious floods within the last few years, we have never had water in our home…surrounding our home, yes, but never inside…after the ‘98 flood, my friend, Barbara, made me a little shrine of thanksgiving to Our Lady of Guadalupe, for whom the Guadalupe River is named.

2010 Virgin of Guadalupe original shrine 2 001

…my Ya-Ya’s, Nancy ( MyCraftyLittlePage ), Judy, and Patty held a candlelight ceremony honoring the River spirits for sparing our home…it was all in good fun and included a glass of wine or maybe two, but the spirit of homage to Our Lady and our thankfulness was sincere. We were in the middle of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood summer…I set the little altar up where I can read the lovely version of the Novena that Barbara painted on it…

2010 Virgin of Guadalupe original shrine 006

I have always said that one day I would build a real shrine looking toward our house…fast forward to June 9, 2010.

When the waters were at their crest, I saw a white plastic shape bobbing in the trees. After the waters were returning to normal, I ventured down to the high water mark to check out the mystery object…and nestled there in the muck and mud…

2010 Virgin of Guadalupe coral snake 001

That’s right!!! Can you believe it? I dragged her out and propped her up to drain and dry…look at her sweet, calm face in spite of what must have been a harrowing experience. Even covered with silt, she remains prayerful.

2010 Virgin of Guadalupe coral snake 004

Her pink gown is a little faded but not her beautiful calm…and look at this sweet cherub at her feet…How PINK is that?

2010 Virgin of Guadalupe coral snake 003

I promise I’ll clean the treasure and build a proper grotto setting. It may be cheap plastic, but you have no idea what she means to me. She will remind me to be thankful and prayerful and calm and faithful and to live with a pink outlook no matter what!!! Now stop by Beverly’s How Sweet the Sound to see who is joining the fun today.


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

It was meant to be, Laverne! Wow! could you believe that she ended up almost on your doorstep? My sister lives in NewBraunfels and she said the rain was unbelieveable that night. I'm glad your house was safe once more...YaYa's Forever!

Anonymous said...

You certainly were given a treasure after that last flood of '02. She is beautiful!

I don't recall if I told you this or not, but my husband and I were visiting Riverwalk and one day, we went exploring.....came upon New Braunfels area. I recall being in an historic district where some antique and specialty shops were opening up...and we ate in a sprawling rest/bar place...big wooden plank floors (great for dancing) and I think the outside of the place was painted white (also wood). Anyway, we saw the Guadalupe River, too. That was in June of 1998...we were there celebrating our 30th anniversary. I clearly recall the flooding that occurred later....was it in the fall?

Well, I'm so glad your house didn't get it during any of the floods. I'm certain the shrine Barbara made for you and the candlelight ceremony conducted by your YaYa's helped tremendously!! Your friends are the best! :)

I love your final sentence on this post, LaVerne! That's what it's all about!!

Have yourself a terrific Pink Sat! L, Dana

My Crafty Little Page said...

THIS is my favorite post you've ever done. Thanks to Our Lady of Guadalupe for watching over all of you in NB. How did I not know you pulled her out of the river? Meant to be. xoxo Nancy

Anonymous said...

What a great post, thank you for sharing! Happy Pink Saturday!! Esther XX

Beverly said...

Oh my, LaVerne. What am amazing story. I do believe you received a very special sign of protection.

And, thank goodness for your YaYas. We all need our sisters to keep us going.

I have to tell you that your comment on my blog has made me grin over and over. I was born in North Carolina, but we moved when I was two. I spent most of my life in south Florida. When we moved to North Carolina (twenty years ago), it was pointed out to me on many occasions that I don't qualify as a real southerner. I guess it is all those years of living in an area that is populated with people from all over the world. Why, my son even got in trouble when he was in kindergarten for saying "yes ma'am" to his teacher. She claimed it was disrespectful. Pretty amazing - don't you think?

Now, while I don't always have iced tea prepared, I promise to make some sweet tea if you come visit. But, I confess to making mine with Splenda.

But, don't worry. All is not lost. I do say y'all.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear one.

Candy said...

Hello from Wimberley...happy to hear your fate as of late with the rains and floods. And for the coral snake, it's the biggest I've seen. Glad you were prepared.
I just signed up (at the last minute)for Paper Cowgirl and looking forward to your class.
See ya soon ;-)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, what a sweet PS post! Just perfect. You really got a TON of rain. I'm always saddened to hear of flooding damage in our sweet TX!

Yippee to have won one of your gorgeous roses!! I'll email you write away with my info!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

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