Friday, May 14, 2010

Pink Saturdays in May… Must be Time for Graduations

When you first hold a tiny newborn baby, it never dawns on you that in a flash, in the mere blink of an eye, you will be attending a graduation!!! You should see it coming…First there is the Kindergarten ceremony in their pint-size caps and size XXX-Small gowns…sooo cute, and you marvel at how big they’ve grown and how cute they are. But it doesn’t really hit you until suddenly those one time itty bitty babies are as tall as you and they are graduating from junior high!!! One short summer away from high school! !! How does it happen so quickly?…it seemed as if it took me YEARS to graduate from junior high. But it has taken my nieces only a couple of years, several months, and a few weeks!!! I mean it; I’m not exaggerating…look at this July 4th picture from a couple of years ago…

2010 Affirmation Pocketful of Memories Kate and Kendra

Big sister Kara’s birthday will be the next day on July 5th…in this picture she looks about 4 and my sister, Linda, and I are feeding the twins, Kate and Kendra…They are eating baby food! See that? Baby Food!…cuz they are babies!…and now? Flash forward just a couple of years and Kara is going to be a senior in high school and the babies…the babies are graduating from junior high…WOW! Next year all three will be attending Incarnate Word High School! It’s like some wrinkle in time where everything moved at warp speed.To mark their graduation from St. James School, I’ve made them each a Pocketful of Memories altered book. 2010 Affirmation Pocketful of Memories Kate and Kendra 009

Each one has pockets for quotes and notes of affirmation…

2010 Affirmation Pocketful of Memories Kate and Kendra 008

There are a few blank tags for their own memories and pictures.

2010 Affirmation Pocketful of Memories Kate and Kendra 007

I can’t believe I packaged and sent them off without taking pictures of their Kindergarten graduation pictures…I tucked them into the pockets so they would have photo evidence of the “Before” and “After” as they are growing…funny thing is they will look at their pictures and laugh at how long ago those shots were taken and how young they were “way back then”, but Linda and I will know the truth…those pictures were taken just a couple of years ago…only a short several weeks after two itty bitty miracles were delivered.

And this is why I love Pink Saturday…every week, I pause and look for the Pink in my life…it’s always there. This week it’s yellow and baby blue on the outside recycled from a couple of Winnie the Pooh stories, but the Pocketful of Memories books are pure pink attitude inside. I am also celebrating the Blessings of Healing as our mother makes progress in her recovery from a stroke in late April. She is back in her apartment at Argent Court, a wonderful assisted living facility in Seguin, Texas. Everyone at the Rehab hospital knew that she wanted to be home by Friday since that's her hair appointment day and on Fridays they have live music and get a glass of wine at Happy Hour. Hope she enjoyed the evening.

Beverly is a genius for inventing this amazing happening and she is a very sweet hostess for inviting us every week. Stop in to say “Howdy” and to check out who’s posting this week.

And then check out Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat to see what that creative bunch is up to.

Have a pink week!!! Do you like the pretty new pink look of my blog? My sweet friend and fellow Paper Cowgirl, Nancy, did it for me. You must stop in to see her and compliment her artful blogging.


Anonymous said...

That Nancy is such a creative force! You two are so lucky to be buddies!!

I feel the pain of time passing so quickly.....I just became a Great-great Aunt this week. I'm not THAT old, am I? :(

Your books are wonderful and I know will be loved by your nieces. If you ever find you have created a book that you weren't happy with...just send it to me, cuz I'm pretty certain I would be thrilled with it!! :)

Happy Pink Sat!!!

Cheers! :) Dana

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Awwwww this post made me weep! I have four children... the oldest just started high school this year, and my "baby" just started kindergarten. I'm seeing right before my very eyes how quickly all this time passes... my OLDEST was the one in kindergarten not that long ago!

What a sweet extended family you have! Happy Pink Saturday!

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