Sunday, May 31, 2009

Porch Party… Please come for Breakfast

Welcome to my screened in porch…May 2009 040

It’s cool enough for breakfast outdoors…A little wren is looking for snacks …are the worms ready yet? 

May 2009 043

We actually do raise mealworms for the wrens, cardinals, and bluebirds…They come to a little bowl on the patio every morning to see what’s for breakfast. Two big juicy mealworms…

 May 2009 025

But we’ll just have juice and cereal until the pancakes are ready…I’ll set the table with my vintage Ivy dishes to set an outdoorsy mood.

May 2009 069

May 2009 066


 May 2009 038

We’ll have a lovely view of the deer resting in the meadow.

The does are taking it easy waiting for the birth of their new babies…

I’ve set the tables with greenery and a sweet nest from last spring…


May 2009 057

May 2009 049

And have hung rainbow makers in the window to make the place sparkle…May 2009 058

And a lizard or two may drop by…they heard the worms were ready and they’re hungry…

May 2009 070


May 2009 065

This lizard is missing part of his tail…maybe the snake was after him….did I forget to mention the snake?

As I was tidying up the porch, guess what I found in the Christmas cactus? A snake skin! I had no idea a snake could (1) get into the porch…and (2) no idea one could climb a baker’s rack…no idea! But there it was, all 2 feet of it…after I got over the first shudders, I started looking at it and it was 100% complete…science project quality… from the top of his/her nose and eye covers to the tip of his/her tail…probably a lady snake since she shed her skin with such care and not even a tiny little tear!! I worked on the pictures, but could never focus it perfectly, but you would be amazed...after you get over the shudders. I’ve stretched it out  for you to see, but it was wound round and round through the plant…amazing! Avert your eyes if you’re squeamish about snakes.

May 2009 055

May 2009 054

May 2009 052

Stop by the other porch parties…they’ll surely be less traumatic...

I’ll leave you with a picture of my sweet hubby admiring the baby wrens…enjoy your day…Thanks for stopping by.

May 2009 036


My Crafty Little Page said...

LaVerne - everything so inviting until I saw the lizard and the snake skin - eeek - what's next? A frog!!!? Well, I love the deer, the dishes, the porch, the view, the baby birds but I'll skip the reptiles! Really, though, everything looks lovely and you are so blessed to live on the beautiful Guadalupe rich with all the flora and fauna. Love your post. xoxo Nancy

Anonymous said...

I just love your porch and what a view.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

I love your porch, and I love the view from there! WOW! Beautiful! The lizard is cute, but the snake needs to go bye-bye! LOL! Love
the deer and the baby birds, too.

Happy Porch Party...


Sheila :-)

Celestina Marie said...

What a wonderful screened porch. So nice for a cozy morning breakfast. The green lizard looks like the ones that sit on our window ledges outside. They are everywhere now. But I will pass on the snake. Not a fan. LOL!! So sweet that you feed the birds each day.
So nice to meet you. Happy Porch Party.
Celestina Marie

Pondside said...

A porch with lots of wildlife - it's great!
Your porch is so inviting. The view of the deer in the meadow is lovely - I like deer in the distance, and not munching on my garden!

Marina Capano said...

Hi! Fantastic! What a nice porch you have!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

It is always so much fun to sit on the porch and watch the wild life outside. You have a fantastic view from yours.

Chiki Cottage said...

I like the view! I just love that little pink birdie. So cute.. Thanks for inviting me...

Rhondi said...

I love all the green color you have on your porch. The table looks so prety all set too. I've thought about having worms for the bluebirds but haven't gotten around to it. Maybe I will now having seen yours. The deer look so pretty. I guess you don't grow plants in your garden. The deer think my garden is a salad bar.
thanks for joining the party.
Hugs, Rhondi

Rue said...

You are so funny! That snake skin didn't bother me one bit, but my husband would have freaked out LOL I like snakes if they aren't poisonous.

What a lovely place to sit and watch the deer and the birds! I love that green table and chair set :)


Beverly said...

Thank you for inviting us to your porch party. I know I'm running late, but I like pancakes for dinner, too. ;-)

You have such a beautiful site. It must be wonderful to watch and observe the nature around you.

The greens on your porch are so pretty and refreshing.

Poppedijne said...

What a wonderful view you have from your porch. I love deer and it must be a true joy to see them up close from your porch. Love also all the greenery you decorate your porch with. It bring nature even closer to home. I invite you to my party too.No wildlife I am afraid!

KarenHarveyCox said...

Your screened porch is wonderful. Everything looks stunning except for that lizard! I love everything.


Stephanie said...

What a wonderful porch you have. I love the colors!! The whole snake thing would have made me pretty nervous!!

I enjoyed your Porch Party!

Joyce said...

How sweet your porch is to overlook the deer and the future babies. Now the entire snake thing and the lizard made me shake a bit:) Promise me no more snake talk:)

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, that would scare me, too, if I found a snake skin on my enclosed patio! Your patio is charming!

Limping Deer and the Twins

Limping Deer and the Twins
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Milk Glass Collection
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Mexicana Dishes
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Nancy made me save the vine
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